Live with what you really love
Live with what you really love

OUR HOMES… We live there, love there, and build our lives there. Here from MAI’s dealers, decorators, and the internet, some tried-and-true resolutions for making our homes just what we’ll love in 2011.

You know those pieces, the ones you see and immediately fall in love with. Those you acquire right away or forever wish you had.
When it’s time to buy, look for items of quality that you love, that reflect you, not just the first pieces you find on sale. If this means doing without some other things for a while in order to upgrade, so be it. In the long run you’ll be happy you have something that you love and that quite possibly never goes out of style.

It’s a new year and you want a new you, right? Try a fresh look for your home, too.

Try upholstering iron and industrial pieces
Try upholstering iron and industrial pieces
Update a room with fresh paint, or move existing items around or to other rooms. Add some new elements, and mix up a style or two. For example, if you lean toward contemporary, add one or two antique items to make a statement. Already have lots of antiques? Lighten up with an abstract painting. Have a metal or industrial piece upholstered with neutral colored linen, burlap, or duck… instant update!

Clutter can outdate a home, fast. Resolve to make a clean sweep through one room at a time (it doesn’t have to be done all at once). Take everything off visible surfaces, clean those counters and shelves, and then think efficiency. If you previously had been taking too many steps to get things done, take action now to correct. Only put back the items you must have, and relocate them nearer to areas where you actually use them. If you find items you no longer need, donate them. Store out of sight what you do not use regularly. Bring in new containers such as baskets, trays, or vintage suitcases for stacking on the floor. Remember, “less is more” these days.

Organize in different ways
Organize in different ways
While you are decluttering, reduce the number of magazines that you haven’t gotten to this year. Go through them, pulling out pictures of the looks that you feel drawn to. Place all of these in a folder titled “Decorating Ideas 2011.” When you have time, look through them for inspiration.

It all goes back to making your home your sanctuary. In the busy lives we lead, what could be better?

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