View of Henri's boothMAI welcomes our first international dealer this month. Residing in France, HENRI DELCLAUX has selected only two locations in the US to sell his wonderful antiques: Foxglove in Atlanta and MAI in Houston. He has been at MAI this month, meeting, greeting, and moving in.

Coming to us from Toulouse, France, Henri belongs to a distinguished family whose business has been antiques for many years. His father and mother are still active in the business, and his mother is a member of the National Tribunal. His godfather, Andre Malraux, was Minister of Culture under Charles deGaulle. As for Henri, he particularly loves the culture, art, and antiques of southern France, Spain, and Italy.

Henri is quick to share his enthusiasm for these regions. In fact, just before arriving in the US earlier this month, he was traveling and buying in Tuscany, which to him is “Paradise… where all is art, from the smallest church on… and art is Philosophy.” MAI invites customers to visit Henri’s area in the store and to explore his wonderful finds of art and antiques.

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