Finally, the last of your holiday decorations have been put away, and life is starting to get back to normal.

But now you’re staring at your spaces and they seem just a bit… well, tired. Want to freshen up but not sure how to begin? One quick fix is to add a few new touches of color. Pantone’s color forecast for spring 2013 is a good place to start in brightening and freshening our homes. And our outlook.

Pantone's color picks for spring 2013





Pantone’s color picks for 2013 include variations of Tangerine Tango, their top color in 2012.

Pantone's color picks that work well for interiors, courtesy







Above, courtesy, are four of Pantone’s picks that can work really well when we’re renewing our interiors this winter into spring.

Find a color or two that you like? Brainstorm where and how you can incorporate that color into your home. Images below will inspire…

2013 quick fix #1 1









This original watercolor from MAI beautifully frames many of Pantone’s colors for 2013.












Designers often tell us to change our pillows for an instant update.  New pillows from MAI’s supply are a sure quick fix.

Garden chairs from MAI

These vintage garden chairs are a match for Pantone’s Emerald, don’t you think? Or is it Grayed Jade?

January just makes us want to reinvent, freshen up, brighten up. Even though it’s cold and gray outside, it doesn’t have to be that way inside, does it?