After seven seasons on the air, who HASN’T heard of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” on ABC? And who hasn’t wondered, if only briefly, just how they pull off such large projects in so little time?

As primary antiques source for the show’s recent project in Houston, MAI got a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what these projects involve. MAI’s role involved contributing antiques and vintage accessories for the home’s interior. In doing so, we participated in just a small but fun part of the huge process on Goodhope Street.

Mid-July – MAI gets a tip from a local photographer about EMHE’s need for antiques and vintage decor. After several resulting emails, MAI gets a call from the site coordinator about their needs. A time is agreed upon for an after-hours visit to the store.

Monday, July 26 – Site coordinator and two site decorators visit each booth, lists are made of measurements and photographs that are taken back to the site for further discussion. All week, phone calls, emails, and texts narrow down options and agreements are made. Delivery times are scheduled and rescheduled due to construction time (heat, rain, mud, etc., get in the way). MAI makes plans to assist with “move day,” i.e., interior installation.

Saturday, July 31 – MAI delivers items to be stored in “Bin City” until move day. Security check-points, a code name, waiting in line at drop off, getting special shirts, walking the site, not snapping photos of big-name designers… Lawns and homes spruced up, designated spectator areas, residences along the street set up for families to watch the action… Endless bottled water and frozen yogurt distributed to workers… very enjoyable, we must admit!

That weekend, last-minute requests come in for a few more items that are needed, and “Move that Bus” filming with Ty and others is reset for late Sunday afternoon. At 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, one last call: “If you can come help with more installation tomorrow, don’t come at 6:00 a.m., we’re not starting until 8:00!”

Even today, the process is still going on with paperwork, application for approval of press releases and logo use, etc. Through it all, MAI has been impressed by the sincere gratitude and friendliness of all of the EMHE staff, from site workers and decorators to marketing personnel, here in Houston and in Los Angeles.

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