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Soooo ready to get outside and enjoy the weather? Here’s a sampling of what MAI has that’s hot for spring 2013.


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Continuing this year, container gardening is hot, with attention paid to a mix of plant textures and colors. According to a recent post on, “Containers add interest and color. . . You can put almost anything in a container. Plus they’re portable, and they give you plenty of new planting opportunities. By adding containers on porches, patios or decks, you add another layer to the landscape. If you’ve got only a deck or a patio and no in-ground planting space, containers are a great way to give yourself a place to garden.”

Eco-gardening is always smart, particularly in drought-conscious Texas. More nurseries are stocking drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants and native varieties suited to the area. Along with such plants, the “collected look” that many interior designers and home owners love extends to our out-of-doors. Decks, outdoor rooms, and patios are so much prettier with antique pieces (note: they’re green, too) like those below, now on MAI’s aisles.

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Post-recession days ahead, again via, mean that “over-the-top, showy landscapes are out. Now, homeowners prefer to invest in quality and natural materials.”

With so much of our days spent indoors, no wonder that we are ready to move to the beautiful outdoors and love it!


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