Books and naturals "make" your shelves Have the dog days of summer got you down? Why not get out of the heat (or the afternoon thundershowers if you’re in the Houston area) and come to MAI? Checking out the newest merchandise is sure to uplift the mood. Here, just a sample of the new arrivals on the floor…

KAY GILBREATH, also known for years in Houston as KAY THE BOOK LADY, has just restocked her shelves with tons of great looking books. Leather-bound sets and individual copies of classics and more obscure titles are in her booth just to the left of the front doors. And need we remind you of Kay’s more-than-reasonable prices?

Staying on the left side of the store and making your way to the back, you’ll come across SUZAN GALVAN’S booth known as IN THE GARDEN. So many of you have been coming in over the summer looking for those stone tables you’re seeing in the decorating magazines that Suzan has placed yet another order. Just in is her latest delivery! In the next day or so she’ll be moving in 48″ round stone tables as well as lots of “just perfect” bistro tables. These tables are in French wax, cream finish, and a moss finish that is almost a light brown. And she is bringing in a new style of end table called the Estate cocktail table, standing 29″ tall with an 18″ diameter round top.

Dealer MARCI ALVIS’s booth is on the center aisle, and there you can find several examples from a large selection of Biot Pots from southern France. Currently, only two can fit into her booth, but she can provide pictures of the entire collection that is available.

ADVANCE INFO: We know of at least three of our dealers who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their newest containers from France and England! Be sure to hear about their unloadings… when they are about to occur, you’ll find out here on our “What’s New” page, or you will be getting one of our email newsletters. Send us an email at [email protected] if you want to be added to that email list.

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