2 thoughts on “Shine on- Mirror Edition

  1. MAI Team says:

    These mirrors are fabulous! They are no longer in the shop, however MANY have been added to inventories since that time. These sell rather quickly, and as a result many are never listed on the website. If you know the size, please call our sales desk and they would be happy to send you pictures of items currently in the shop and whatever information you would like. Thank you! Kathy

  2. MAI Team says:

    Hi Paulette. Thanks for the inquiry! These mirrors are no longer available, however we do regularly get more in the shop. You can “walk” thru our shop using the matterport software from our “virtual shop” page. Items similar to this are located throughout the shop. We have 38 independent vendors so the choice is great and changes often! If you find something you are interested in, please give us a call at 713-827-8087. Thanks for the inquiry! Kathy

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