Vasser Bailey assisting at the front desk
Vasser Bailey assisting at the front desk

MAI’s CUSTOMERS TELL US THEY LOVE COMING IN TO THE STORE because it is always changing and fresh. We agree!

New dealers have joined us recently. Zoe Murphy-Compton, a long-time decorator in Houston and Dallas (she also sells at The Mews there), currently resides in Gonzales. Added too are Lindra Petty and Alan Smith, of Parkhouse Antiques, Dallas. At the back of the store a space is now occupied by Christa Hurley, a well-known Atlanta and Dallas dealer in antique prints and lithos. These fabulous new dealers offer the looks YOU are looking for.

This new year has brought two welcome additions to our front desk staff: Barbara McAuliffe and Vasser Bailey. Barbara’s previous work experience includes business consulting and software development. Especially appreciated at MAI are her organizational and computer skills. Vasser’s time is valuable, since she is currently studying interior design, so we value her working behind the front desk. These two are perfect fits for MAI!

Finally, just this past week, walls started coming down in preparation for adding even more new dealer space. It’s exciting to anticipate what’s coming next at the store.