IT’S DELIGHTFUL OUTSIDE THESE DAYS… and inside too! Inside MAI, cruising the aisles reveals countless items for the garden, outside room, deck, or patio. MAI’s dealers — many of whom are decorators and designers — currently offer one-of-a-kind looks in a wide price range for customers:

A tall vintage, 3-tiered, wire French basket — great for decorating — is just in at MAI for $175… New terrazo cake stands that will stand up to Houston’s weather and can be used for serving appetizers to cupcakes are $70 – $90… A 3′ tall French wine bottle dryer has so many uses and is priced at $200. And an old, old, painted garden gnome to watch over all can be found for $300.

Planters, urns, and garden statues are favorites and abound at MAI, from concrete and wood to terra cotta and metal. Painted, distressed, new, and every look between, their prices range from $99 on up. Vintage baskets, boxes, and bins are useful poolside for towels, magazines, whatever. And they can be found on virtually every aisle at the store.

For a coffee table to complete your outside room, one of our fav dealers suggests an antique wood railroad trolley on large wheels for $795. Serving wine? An antique rolling wood industrial rack fitted for 32 bottles and priced at $870 can be moved from one area to another. Great naturals for decorating include driftwood at $35 (also on a stand for $135), shells and starfish, and large coral sea fans for $29.

MAI has outside seating options of French wire, iron and wood, and cast stone starting at $145, and a wonderful pair of vintage French wood and iron armchairs ($850 each) can be seen in the front windows. Rustic wood shutters, iron fragments, mirrors, and gates from the store can be used to enhance your walls outside and in.

Sales abound at Houston’s local garden stores, it’s true. But it’s these one-of-a-kind items found at MAI that give outdoor living that personal look to remember.

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